Only one technique—a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty—  can restoration all 3 problems not unusual to the stomach. “It’s the handiest validated manner to deal with fat, saggy pores and skin and gaps among the stomach muscle tissues, which make a contribution to that bulging appearance,” says Rondi Walker, a plastic doctor in DC. “But in case you’re near your best weight, have desirable pores and skin tone, and simply have a few excess abdominal fat, you could get true outcomes with liposuction, which only addresses the fats.”

Abdominoplasty fees $four,000 to $15,000, depending on the extent of the manner, while lipo runs $5,000 to $10,500. With lipo, count on up to four weeks of recuperation time versus up to eight for a tummy tuck (which additionally comes with an extended horizontal scar along the bikini line).

The Non-Surgical Approach
For those who’ve much less fat to dispose of—or are willing to trade dramatic consequences for an less complicated, much less steeply-priced choice to lipo—a new manner referred to as Vanquish is going one step beyond non-invasive: It never touches your frame. An applicator that hovers over the skin supplies radio-frequency (RF) strength that heats fats cells to a hundred and twenty degrees, killing them.

The process is painless and might treat a larger location than maximum different RF devices. If you want to goal the entire abdomen in preference to simply love handles, this system can do it.

“A affected person can expect as much as 60 percentage of fats cells destroyed after four treatments,” says Nia Banks, a plastic physician in Lanham. “However, people who practice light to moderate exercising and maintain a wholesome food plan, ingesting lots of water, have the fine outcome.”

Four to 6 remedies are endorsed, one to 2 weeks aside, to ruin fat cells completely. Cost: $500 to $750 a consultation.

The Quick Fix
Loose abdominal pores and skin—whether from growing older, pregnancy, or weight loss—can save you even the maximum toned abs from looking firm.

“Skin will become much less stretchy because of the slow lack of collagen and elastin—like a tablecloth this is too large for the desk,” says Chevy Chase dermatologist Tina West. “In the past, the only choice turned into a tummy tuck, however you’d trade free skin for a scar from hip to hip.”

In appropriate cases, West now recommends Ultherapy, an ultrasound technique that stimulates collagen and elastin growth for 2 to 3 months following remedy, resulting in firmer pores and skin. It’s the simplest non-invasive method authorised with the aid of the Food and Drug Administration to lift skin that’s above the eyebrows, at the neck, beneath the chin, and on the décolletage, even though it’s commonly used on different areas as nicely.

There’s no downtime, and treatment normally takes 30 to 90 mins—just one session is wanted for maximum sufferers. Those with too much excess skin won’t be accurate candidates. Cost: $1,200 and up.

Fading Stretch Marks
A stretch mark is a scar inside the skin, so it can be tough to treat. Dr. Banks says that fractional-laser treatments which include Fraxel and Fractional CO2 can stimulate collagen and elastic-fiber growth to fill them in and decrease their appearance. If the marks are red or purplish, a laser also can decrease the coloration, making them much less important. Multiple remedies are normally required. Cost: $1,500 and up.

Prefer a less invasive technique? Some medical doctors recommend prescription tretinoin, or Retin-A, to vanish stretch marks. It’s most effective while applied to clean marks which might be nonetheless red or crimson.

Perkier Breasts

Washingtonians like massive titles and big homes—however now not huge breasts, seemingly. Women here who have paintings carried out tend to skew conservative (study: smaller) with regards to implant length. “Women want to cope with sagging, the silhouette, the overall appearance—they’re seeking out rejuvenation more than just augmentation,” says Navin Singh, a plastic health care provider with workplaces in McLean and Chevy Chase. “It’s about shaping as opposed to stuffing.” Here are the modern options:

The New Shape of Breast Implants
The large information in implants is that faux goes herbal. “A greater naturally sloped look is famous proper now, specifically with the new, fashioned implants,” says Banks.

The idea is to seem larger and perkier without pronouncing which you’ve had paintings achieved. Instead of the rounder, fuller appearance (and introduced cleavage) of traditional implants, “teardrop” variations are tapered to imitate the silhouette of an real breast. Mentor MemoryShape silicone implant has been dubbed the “gummy undergo” because it’s filled with thicker gel and continues its form longer than conventional implants. Allergan’s Natrelle 410 implants are designed to be softer so that they experience extra, properly, real. The surgical operation may be very similar to what’s completed for rounder opposite numbers, however the rate is a chunk better: $6,000 and up.

Bigger Breasts Without Implants
If you need to head up simplest about one cup length and like no longer to have implants, fats grafting is an option. Assuming you’ve got sufficient extra fats in another part of the frame, a general practitioner can do away with it from, say, the stomach, by liposuction, and use it to plump up your breasts.

Unlike implants, fat is a herbal filler, so that you’re no longer introducing a foreign substance into the body. There’s minimum scarring, rather than the bigger scars of traditional augmentation surgical operation. It additionally removes the need to update an implant later.

“Typically, 30 to 40 percent of the fat can be adequately absorbed and flushed by means of the frame, however the relaxation will continue to exist completely,” says Dr. Singh. “If a female likes how her breasts looked while she changed into pregnant or breastfeeding, this gives the same effect of filling out the bra in a more natural-looking way—and of route, the feel is gentle considering the fact that every female’s breasts are typically 70 to 80 percentage fat.” Cost: $6,000 to $7,000.

One-Night Boobs
If buying a sexy new dress and a cleavage-hoisting bra isn’t sufficient to get you thru your high-college reunion or an ex’s wedding, you could essentially rent implants for the night. InstaBreast is a method that entails injecting the breasts with a saline answer that plumps them up the same manner an implant might. Originally developed so ladies should figure out what size they wanted earlier than making a surgical commitment, it’s now being selected by means of some girls who want a Cinderella moment—and are inclined to pay $2,500.

Alas, similar to Cinderella, you’ll have to watch the clock as your boobs grow to be the other of pumpkins. “Saline absorbs in no time, so you’re no longer searching at 24 hours—inside an hour, your breasts will begin to deflate,” says Singh, who considers the system a gimmick. “They’re a wonderful choice for a twiglet who needs to get via a photo shoot, but that’s about it.”

Side consequences may also consist of bruising at the injection website online and plenty of journeys to the ladies’ room as the saline leaves the frame thru urine. Stretch marks may additionally seem if the skin is substantially stretched.

Possible exact news: The inventor of InstaBreast is stated to be growing an injectable answer with a purpose to closing two to a few weeks.

The Exercise Option for “Lifting” Breasts
You can also perk up your breasts through doing particular weightlifting physical games that help improve posture.

Cheryl Davis, an authorized non-public trainer in Alexandria, recommends push-ups, pull-ups, seated cable rows, and physical activities that target the decrease returned to provide a lifted look. She doesn’t propose doing chest presses on a flat bench. “If you’re doing flat-bench or decline chest presses”—wherein the bench is tilted so your head is under your waist—“it’s possibly to flatten the part of the breast in which you’d need fullness,” says Davis.

For running the chest, she says, persist with incline bench presses. Position the pinnacle a part of a weight bench at a 30-diploma incline. Lie lower back and placed your elbows at a 90-diploma angle, consistent with your shoulders. Press up-ward with the dumbbells—use a weight that’s difficult—and push them barely over your head in preference to instantly up over your chest. Bring your hands go into reverse, and entire 3 sets of 10 to twelve reps with ninety seconds of relaxation between every set.

Shapely Behinds

Blame Kim Kardashian. Enlarging the bottom is now an increasingly requested cosmetic surgery—although there are other ways to get a boost.

Most Dramatic: No Butts About It
One way to fill out a flat or dishevelled posterior is a Brazilian Butt Lift. Performed on its very own or with buttock implants, it provides double advantages: A physician eliminates unwanted fats from some other place within the frame (commonly the hips, thighs, or belly) and uses that fat to easy, shape, and increase the derriere.

“Unless you’re very thin, you may get loads more quantity with fat transfer as opposed to implants, and the outcomes are fantastic when achieved on a person with flat buttocks,” says Banks.

The procedure is prolonged— to three hours—due to the fact the relocated fats desires to be installed drop through drop so it is able to live to tell the tale. Expect bruising and swelling plus four to 6 weeks of sporting a compression garment. Cost: $8,000 to $10,000.

The Exercise Option for a Shaplier Bottom
A round, lifted rear calls for targeting all 3 of the primary glute muscle tissue, preferably on the same time. “Squats and lunges of a wide variety—using a barbell or dumbbells, wide or slim stance, deep, partial, and plyometric—are all excellent for shaping the butt,” says trainer Cheryl Davis.

Her favourite lunge is a on foot dumbbell lunge with a unmarried-leg deadlift. Start by means of status in a impartial role holding a dumbbell in every hand. Lunge forward with the right foot, placing most of the burden in that heel, then bend both knees till they form ninety-degree angles. At the lowest of the lunge, squeeze thru the glutes to go back to status, then shift the load into the proper foot, maintaining the knee immediately. Lift the left leg off the floor whilst decreasing the dumbbells and torso closer to the floor until the top body is parallel to the ground. Return to status and repeat on the alternative leg. Davis indicates 3 units of ten reps on each leg, using a weight heavy enough to make the ultimate reps on each leg a undertaking.

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